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Elemental Surge™ H2O House Fragrance Diffuser


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Diffuser: Add essential oils or any favorite fragrance to relieve stress and anxiety or improve your quality of sleep. Great for treating allergies, asthma and dry air. 

Mini Fan: Plug in the provided mini fan in order to direct the flow of the house mist towards your desired direction or to evenly distribute throughout the room. 

Night Light: In addition to the colorful LED night light. The House Diffuser comes with a plugable LED night light for those times you need a brighter light for night time activities.


  • Atomizing Tech - Able to atomize your choice of fragrance or oil 5x better than other diffusers allowing it to intertwine them with the water molecules in the diffuser. (1-2 drops of fragrance/oil is recommended)
  • Simple Design - Takes up minimal space, at 85x85x93mm, and has a sleek design to fit into however you decorate your home
  • Wireless Diffusing - Built in lithium battery allows for charging and long lasting wireless use
  • 250mL Capacity - No need to add water frequently. Add water once and comfortably relax the rest of the day
  • Two Modes - Long press start button to begin mist spray. Choose between 5 hours of continuous spray or 10 hours of intermittent spray
  • 7 Different LED Colors - Cycle through different colors by pressing the power button once to fit your vibe
  • Ultra Quiet Design - Sleep comfortably without disturbances

Package Includes:

1 X Elemental Surge™ H2O House Fragrance Diffuser

2 X Cotton Filter

1 X Mini Fan

1 X Mini LED Light

1 X Micro USB Cable

1 X Manual


Aroma diffusers have been proven to reduce the amount of dust in the air resulting in easier breathing and relaxing conditions such as allergies and asthma. The house diffuser is a perfect choice for such conditions as its small portable design was made to spray its fine mist to cover an entire room while keeping the amount of dust in the air at a minimum.


Adding essential oils to our house diffuser will be sure to bring your mind to peace. It has been proven that many essential oils offer benefits to your health. Geranium, lavender, and chamomile oil all stimulate the release of serotonin and dopamine allowing for a restful nights sleep. Frankincense, lavender, and neroli oils are known to reduce stress levels and help soothe the body to a calm state. Oils can even be combined to create new refreshing scents so that you can take advantage of multiple health benefits. We recommend adding 1-2 drops of your favorite oils for the best results. You can also add your choice of perfume/cologne instead of essential oils!


1. Remove cover and fill base with water

2. Add 1-2 drops/sprays of fragrance of essential oil

3. Hold power button to start diffuser

4. Sit back and begin your aromatherapy journey

NOTE: Please fully soak the cotton filter before first use. If there is any problem with your diffuser, please contact us first before you leave feedback so that we can help you as best as possible.


All of our diffusers come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Our diffusers are made with care and are of the best quality. If some parts begin to malfunction or does not work on arrival we will be more than happy to make it right. Just simply contact us by email and we will get back to you!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you find anything wrong with your order once it arrives or begins to malfunction please email us first at: We will address any issues as fast as possible. We do not refund unless you have received the product.

This warranty does not cover:

- Improper assembly. 

- Improper follow-up maintenance. 

- Installation of components, parts, or accessories not compatible with the diffuser as sold. 

- Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect.

-Incorrect address entered during checkout  


What fragrances/oils can I use?

We encourage our customers to use any fragrance or essential oils with our diffusers! We recommend using 1-2 sprays or drops of your favorite fragrance/essential oil.

Do you ship internationally?

We are proud to offer FREE tracked international shipping services. However, there are some locations we are unable to provide tracking information for. If you happen to be from one of those countries we will contact you.

What are my payment options?

All card types are accepted as well as paypal.

Is a battery required?

No. Our diffuser uses a micro USB wire so that it can be portable. You can use almost any device that takes USB to charge your diffuser. Once fully charged you can unplug the USB wire and use your diffuser completely wirelessly!

Do the lights turn off?

The light can be turned completely off or you can cycle through the different modes we offer.

How can I clean it?

We recommend washing with warm water and soap for 1 minute then using a towel to dry.

Is this safe to use around my pet?

It is completely safe.Using organic fragrances can also help around pets.

Does this help with allergy/sleep problems?

A lot of our customers have reported that their allergy/sinus issues have gone down considerably by using our diffuser. Using a diffuser for the air is helpful in reduces the amount of dust floating around the room and also feels soothing. Certain fragrances/oils can give you different benefits as well. If you are really concerned, then you should talk to a doctor to see what is best for you.

Set the Mood

Our new House Diffuser is perfect for setting the tone you desire for your aromatherapy journey. Includes 7 different LED colors to match your vibe.

3 in 1 Design

Use it as a regular diffuser, fan, night light, or even combine them together to purify your air!

Health Benefits

Diffusers have been proven to relieve dryness on the lips, nose, or even skin. It can even treat allergies and asthma by making the air more easily breathable by eliminating the dust particles.

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It's absolutely refreshing!
For sure buying another one.
Nice and portable
Works great!
The night lights work so perfectly with my gaming setup.